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My Practice involves collecting images and iconography that are considered to be trash or banal, lowbrow, naff, dated or just a little gross. The imagery and materials are sourced from the past and present and from all over the globe, mainly consisting of 90’s pop and trash culture, pornography and religious iconography and pushing them into my world of pleasure. The materials I use are often associated with fanatics who would usually preserve these collections; I use lo-if techniques and adopt simple combination methods and rustic materials to manipulate these objects or images. 

I abuse them in a way that enhances their sense of delight in the textures and recognition of their sensual surfaces. Looking at different ways in which pleasure or entertainment can be achieved, exploring masochism where pleasure is achieved with out a positive experience. I celebrate a materials unrecognized beauty using satiric and wit to create an abject humor. This is done through personal interaction between the objects/materials, building on the origins and developing a new way of looking at them. The other elements are captured and placed either through performance, video, collage or another method that end up in an in sculptural assemblages or installations.

My intension with this work is to portray an honest depiction of my fantasies celebrating a make-believe world where everything I love comes together.